Future Events



As you all know by now those of us who wish to and are able, meet for Choir Practice every Wednesday at 2 pm. via ZOOM of which an invitation is sent out to us all before the time.

Do try to join us on Wednesday afternoon for the last one of this term.  Each week that we meet together it gets better.

Even though we are unable to sing together,  Jon is at least teaching us and keeping us together and giving us a purpose with the Choir.



End of term for our Zoom Choir Practices is the

8th July.

we will start again whether it is via Zoom or Live on the

2nd September


Saturday 28th November -Pleasure Singers Christmas Concert 7.30 pm



Saturday 15th May -NAC (Thames South) Showcase at St Marys Crawley – details to follow.




Thursday 5th December – Masonic Ladies Carols

Saturday 7th December – Pleasure Singers Christmas Concert

Monday 9th December – Jasmine Court

Friday 13th December – Aspen Place

Saturday 14th December – Twinning Carol Concert